A different spin on music

While I’m mostly passionate about service in manufacturing, something caught my eye the other day.

I came across a post on Facebook that mentioned service in a new context for me. Read below:

Josh Garrels is an interesting artist. I’ve been a fan for quite a few years. He’s been pretty innovative in his use of crowdfunding and services like NoiseTrade to give his music away (and only making money by “tips”).

What I love about this thought of music as a service is his belief that art should lead people to what the need to see, hear, and touch, not because it is believed that people want to purchase it. Creating art that people need is a public good, a service.

The same could be true for the product world. So often, product A is created and marketed because people want it. While is some cases this is okay, what would happen if we approached a problem with “What do people need?” What if we did the service of taking the time to solve not only what the customer wants, but maybe what they don’t even realize is their need?

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