Gardner Double Disk Grinder Retrofit

I had the opportunity to participate in this retrofit last year.

A bearing manufacturing company using a 1973 Gardner double disk grinder, a manually operated grinder, as part of their manufacturing process contacted us about a retrofit. They struggled with the amount of time spent with setup and dressing. The operator had to do a lot of manual setup. This led to a fluctuation of production based on how experienced and trained the operator was.

MachMotion was able to reduce the dressing process from approximately 25 min to 8 mins. The wheels now automatically return to position, this new process saves approximately 34 mins per batch, a 33% increase in productivity. The bearing manufacturing company looks forward to new technology to further save company time and increasing production.

The new control also reduces the amount of training and experience required to run the machine. The process is less dependent on the accuracy and repeatability of the operator.

While they are currently using a thru-feed operation, the MachMotion control can also be run with an oscillator, further automating the process.

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Is Retrofitting a Good Option

Mori-Seiki SL3
Mori-Seiki SL3

That’s a good question. Many don’t begin to consider this question until it’s too late and a machine is down. If you take a moment now and consider,

  • Are you spending time and money on rework or trashing parts that are out of tolerance?
  • Do control maintenance costs keep increasing?
  • Has downtime become the norm?
  • Is your control not keeping up with your programming needs?

What if you could replace an outdated, under-performing control and make more money? The Mori-Seiki above was from the 70’s and had a tape reader. Working or not, this machine got a huge upgrade. There are many benefits to retrofitting a good machine:

  • Increased up-time
  • New, modern control – no part file memory problems and virtual tool-path display
  • Increased material removal rates with “high-speed capable control” (high speed machining capability)
  • Faster feed rates, no hesitations
  • Faster parts – up to 70% decrease in cycle times if programmed with iMachining
  • Extended tool life
  • Update-able control software

MachMotion can do this and more. We are a control solutions provider, a one-stop total solution for control engineering and on-going support. We offer free, lifetime remote login support and all sales and support are based in the U.S.

Our priority is you. We want to be your partner in business. Browse the control kits we offer or contact us today to get a retrofit solution for your machine.

CNC Plasma/Oxy Fuel Retrofit Leader

When your CNC plasma control is starting to hold business back, it’s time to replace it. What’s great about MachMotion’s 1150P Plasma/Oxy Fuel control is that you get all the standard features that you would expect from a modern CNC control, but at much more affordable price than the “big guys.” We can get that machine running again quickly with a new, modern control solution. We offer on-site installation services or work with a knowledgeable integrator to get the control system replaced quickly.

Find out more information about how MachMotion could be your CNC plasma/oxy fuel retrofit solution at

A different spin on music

While I’m mostly passionate about service in manufacturing, something caught my eye the other day.

I came across a post on Facebook that mentioned service in a new context for me. Read below:

Josh Garrels is an interesting artist. I’ve been a fan for quite a few years. He’s been pretty innovative in his use of crowdfunding and services like NoiseTrade to give his music away (and only making money by “tips”).

What I love about this thought of music as a service is his belief that art should lead people to what the need to see, hear, and touch, not because it is believed that people want to purchase it. Creating art that people need is a public good, a service.

The same could be true for the product world. So often, product A is created and marketed because people want it. While is some cases this is okay, what would happen if we approached a problem with “What do people need?” What if we did the service of taking the time to solve not only what the customer wants, but maybe what they don’t even realize is their need?


Legacy-Unfinished-Alan CathcartThe above picture is the motorcycle re-imagined. It’s breath-taking and weird at the same time. Read more here at

This motorcycle is one man’s dream lived out. He was given the opportunity to design anything without any budget restrictions. The entire story was worth the designer JT Nesbitt’s last quote.

“…and when somebody asks you what you would do if you could do anything, you had better be ready with a good answer.”

Your most important elevator speech: your dream.