What sparks creativity?

*I’ve had this as a draft for a while. So “yesterday” is over a year ago.

Yesterday morning I read an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Tactics to Spark Creativity.” It was enlightening to read what sparks other people to think outside the box. I thought I’d share what works for me and a few things that the WSJ highlighted.

Stepping Away

View from my deck.
Looking up from my deck.

To get me thinking, I usually have to step away from my normal environment. While at the office, that usually means stepping out, playing with machine, grab a cup of coffee, or step outside. At home, I sit outside on my deck when the weather allows.

Whiskey and Radiohead?

Several recent studies suggest that the best route to an “aha moment” involves stepping away from the grindstone—whether it’s taking a daydream break, belting back a drink or two or simply gazing at something green.

One advertising executive developed the e*trade talking baby ads staying up late, sipping whiskey and listening to Radiohead. Sounds relaxing to me.

What sparks your creativity?


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  1. Dave

    Reading and listening to podcasts sparks creative thought for me. As I bring in the information, I learn, but also critique it. I allow my mind to explore tangential ideas, and soon discover insights beyond the author/speaker’s intent.

    Going for a walk helps, too. Especially if I bring along a topic for thought. If I can find an isolated route where talking to myself can be done, I just ramble away and find my mind exploring nuances of the topic I probably would miss sitting at a desk.

    • nathan.ayres

      Very nice! I feel like we are constrained by the number information streams we expose ourselves to. I, too, love listening to podcasts or NPR. There is always something new to learn about and learning stretches my creative thinking, always expanding the ‘box’ I live in. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

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