Is Retrofitting a Good Option

Mori-Seiki SL3
Mori-Seiki SL3

That’s a good question. Many don’t begin to consider this question until it’s too late and a machine is down. If you take a moment now and consider,

  • Are you spending time and money on rework or trashing parts that are out of tolerance?
  • Do control maintenance costs keep increasing?
  • Has downtime become the norm?
  • Is your control not keeping up with your programming needs?

What if you could replace an outdated, under-performing control and make more money? The Mori-Seiki above was from the 70’s and had a tape reader. Working or not, this machine got a huge upgrade. There are many benefits to retrofitting a good machine:

  • Increased up-time
  • New, modern control – no part file memory problems and virtual tool-path display
  • Increased material removal rates with “high-speed capable control” (high speed machining capability)
  • Faster feed rates, no hesitations
  • Faster parts – up to 70% decrease in cycle times if programmed with iMachining
  • Extended tool life
  • Update-able control software

MachMotion can do this and more. We are a control solutions provider, a one-stop total solution for control engineering and on-going support. We offer free, lifetime remote login support and all sales and support are based in the U.S.

Our priority is you. We want to be your partner in business. Browse the control kits we offer or contact us today to get a retrofit solution for your machine.

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